Persona non grata

Antonin Svoboda
After the death of her husband, former skier Andrea is confronted with many problems. The relationship with her parents and her daughter Sara has always been tense, and she has to cope with the loss of her partner alone. Traumatized and plagued by fears, she tries to cope with her everyday life. In the wake of the #MeToo wave, Andrea decides to give an interview about her time as a young professional skier. In this very personal interview, she records the monstrous power structures of the home management at the time and how the abuse between colleagues and coaches continued. In doing so, she unleashes a media avalanche to which her family also reacts with rejection. However, more and more people support the allegations. A story of liberation based on true events. A film about a remarkable woman. Persona Non Grata.
Technical Data
Running time: 93 min
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English, Italian, German
Production year: 2024
Director(s): Antonin Svoboda
Writer(s): Antonin Svoboda
Cinematography: Mario Minichmayr
Editing: Joana Scrinzi
Key cast: Gerti Drassl, Maya Unger, Katja Lechthaler, Lukas Miko, Krista Posch, Peter Mitterutzner, Andreas Patton, Gabriela Hegedüs, Antonin Svoboda, Tanja Petrovsky, Helene Stupnicki, Christoph Grissemann.
Producers: Bruno Wagner, Matthias Keitsch, Thomas Menghin, Wilfried Gufler
Production company
coop99 filmproduktion
Wasagasse 12/1/1
1090 Vienna
tel:+43 1 319 58 25
Albolina Film
International Sales
Minerva Pictures Group
Via del Circo Massimo, 9
00153 Rome
tel:+39 06 842 424 30