Signs of War

Juri Rechinsky
Pierre Crom
Who can see a war coming? It started with fireworks in the Crimean sky, a strike on a civilian plane with 298 people on board over the fields of Donetsk, the onslaught on the city of Kyiv by Russian soldiers and bombs. Millions of local residents are trying to flee from Ukraine, while thousands of foreign journalists are trying to get in. One of them was there for it all.
Technical Data
Running time: 85 min
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Language spoken: French, English, Russian
Production year: 2022
Director(s): Juri Rechinsky, Pierre Crom
Writer(s): Juri Rechinsky
Cinematography: Serhiy Stefan Stetsenko
Editing: Juri Rechinsky
Producers: Barbara Caspar, Martin Maier, Juri Rechinsky, Pierre Crom
Production company
fragile features
tel:+43 676 646 0039
International Sales
Lerchenfelderstr. 88-90/22a
1080 Vienna
tel:+43 670 559 03 24