Veni Vidi Vici

Daniel Hoesl
Julia Niemann
The Maynards and their children lead an almost perfect billionaire family life. Amon is a passionate hunter, but doesn’t shoot animals, as the family's wealth allows them to live totally free from consequences.
Technical Data
Running time: 86 min
Production year: 2024
Director(s): Daniel Hoesl, Julia Niemann
Writer(s): Daniel Hoesl
Cinematography: Gerald Kerkletz
Editing: Gerhard Daurer
Key cast: Laurence Rupp, Ursina Lardi, Olivia Goschler, Kyra Kraus, Tamaki Uchida, Dominik Warta
Producer: Ulrich Seidl
Production company
Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion GmbH
Wasserburgergasse 5/7
1090 Vienna
tel:+43 1 310 28 24
International Sales
MAGNIFY - Magnolia Pictures
49 West 27th Street, 7th Floor
10001 New York
tel:+1 212 9246701