Mein blindes Herz

My Blind Heart

Peter Brunner
Kurt suffers from an incurable disease and lives with his hyperpresent mother. He resorts to drastic means to take his life in his own hands after he is rejected at Shark School in L.A. Kurt meets Conny, a 13-year-old runaway, uses the internet to compensate for his handicap and ignores his condition. He gets obsessed with the idea of freeing himself from his sick body – at any price.
Technical Data
Running time: 98
Format: Full HD
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2014
Director(s): Peter Brunner
Writer(s): Peter Brunner
Cinematography: Franz Dude
Editing: Peter Brunner
Key cast: Christos Haas, Jana McKinnon, Susanne Lothar, Robert Schmiedt, Georg Friedrich
Producers: Therese Seemann, Klara von Veegh
Rotterdam (Competition)
Awards (selection): Award for Artistiv Bravery (Durban IFF), Jury Special Mention (Andrei Tarkovsky Film Festival)
Production company
Cataract Vision
Kundmanngasse 10/6
1030 Vienna
tel:+43 699 180 200 33