Trains of Thoughts

Timo Novotny
Trains of Thoughts is an audio-visual essay, which reflects upon and compares metro-systems around the world. It is an exploration of a world inside the world as well as the feelings fascination, obsession, fear, and themes of survival, control and silence that revolve it. The film will take you through New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Vienna, Tokyo and Hongkong, unleashing the imagination at every destination with its distinctive palette of visuals and selection of sounds from Sofa Surfers.
Technical Data
Running time: 80
Format: Digital Video
Language spoken: Original languages
Production year: 2012
Director(s): Timo Novotny
Writer(s): Timo Novotny, Maria Otter
Cinematography: Timo Novotny
Editing: Jakob Barth
Producers: Ulrich Gehmacher,Timo Novotny
Production company
Orbrock Filmproduktion
Gumpendorfer Straße 132
1060 Vienna
tel:+43 1 522 25 88
International Sales
Taskovski Films
19-21 Christopher Street
EC2A 2BS London
tel:+33 6 792 353 74