Henry Fonda for President

Alexander Horwath
A personal essay about the United States, viewed through the life and work of a movie actor. Henry Fonda and the roles he played merge into a dazzling and conflicted figure. A very private man who thought he had “no good answers to anything” becomes the unlikely motor of a parallel history. His voice, recorded during his last interview in 1981, and his onscreen avatars guide us through America’s past and present – on a road trip from the village of Fonda, NY, across the Midwest to the Pacific; from 1651 to the 1980s and the presidency of another movie actor. It takes many places and times and characters to imagine an invisible republic – the United States of Fonda.
Technical Data
Running time: 184 min
Production year: 2024
Director(s): Alexander Horwath
Writer(s): Alexander Horwath
Cinematography: Michael Palm
Producers: Ralph Wieser, Irene Höfer
Production company
Mischief Films & Co KG
Goethegasse 1
1010 Vienna
tel:+43 1 585 23 24 25
Medea Film Factory (DE)