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Ruth Beckermann

»I think memories constantly become reconstructed. That applies to our individual memories, depending on the priorities we impose in the present. And collective, national stories are constantly being modified and rewritten, depending on the requirements of the present.«
Ruth Beckermann about THE WALDHEIM WALTZ
Filmography (Selection)
2018 Waldheims Walzer doc.
2016 Die Geträumten fiction
2013 Those who go Those who stay doc.
2011 American Passages doc.
2006 Zorros Bar Mitzwa doc.
2001 homemade doc.
1999 Ein flüchtiger Zug nach dem Orient doc.
1996 Jenseits des Krieges doc.
1990 Nach Jerusalem doc.
1987 Die papierene Brücke doc.
1983 Wien retour doc.
1987 Auf amaol a Streik doc.
1977 Arena besetzt doc.