Ruth Beckermann
With an ad in a newspaper, Ruth Beckermann announces a casting call for a film based on a well-known pornographic text. The film, Mutzenbacher, sees a hundred men confronted with excerpts from the novel, “Josefine Mutzenbacher or The Story of a Viennese Whore”, in an age when sex is more ubiquitous than ever, and yet at same time is met with a highly charged moral environment.
Technical Data
Running time: 100
Format: DCP
Screen ratio: 16:9 (1:1.85 pillarboxed)
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2022
Director(s): Ruth Beckermann
Writer(s): Ruth Beckermann, Claus Philipp
Cinematography: Johannes Hammel
Editing: Dieter Pichler
February 13, 2022
Berlin (Encounters)
Awards (selection): Best Film Award (Berlin)
Production company
Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion
Marc-Aurel-Straße 5/10
1010 Vienna
tel:+43 699 115 074 98