Das Fieber

The Fever

Katharina Weingartner

For The Fever Katharina Weingartner focuses on the complex history, present and future of malaria and observes the search for a solution. Could millions of deaths have been prevented, if ancient medical knowledge had been taken more seriously?

Technical Data
Running time: 99
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:1.78
Language spoken: English, Luo, Luganda, Mandarin
Production year: 2019
Director(s): Katharina Weingartner
Writer(s): Katharina Weingartner
Cinematography: Siri Klug
Editing: Andrea Wagner
Producer: Markus Wailand
November 1, 2019
Awards (selection):

Fethi Kayaalp Grand Award for Best Film (Bozcaada/BIFED)

Production company
pooldoks filmproduktion
Redtenbachergasse 15/2a
1160 Vienna
tel:+43 1 947 76 88