Jeder der fällt hat Flügel

Those Who Fall Have Wings

Peter Brunner
Time stands still for young and asthmatic Kati, but she has to bid her farewell to move on.The burden on the chest of asthmatic Kati is too heavy for the shoulders of her four-year-old baby sister. A severe loss and the awakening of Kati’s sexuality take their toll on the fifteen-year-old visionary girl. But like a sound that merges into silence, Kati attempts to carry her memories to a place of recurring farewell.
Technical Data
Running time: 92
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:1.9
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2015
Director(s): Peter Brunner
Writer(s): Peter Brunner
Cinematography: Franz Dude
Editing: Peter Brunner
Key cast: Jana McKinnon, Renate Hild, Pia Dolezal, Christos Haas
Producers: Klara von Veegh
Karlovy Vary (Competition)
Awards (selection): Special Jury Prize (Karlovy Vary)
Production company
Cataract Vision
Kundmanngasse 10/6
1030 Vienna
tel:+43 699 180 200 33